Have you ever built a product without sufficient market validation? The result is usually wasted resources and more importantly — a wasted opportunity to build something actually useful. This problem can be summarized with 2 characteristics of a product team. Product team lack of skill or lack of ownership. In this article lack of ownership is addressed.

Skin in the game

The basic concept of “skin in the game” is that an actor bears the cost of failure or gets part of success.

“If you give an opinion, and someone follows it, you are morally obligated to be, yourself, exposed to its consequences,” as…

Hiring is one of the most difficult and also rewarding parts of building a company. I prioritise hiring as important as building products. This article reflects what has worked for me to find the best people across hundreds of hiring interviews. It outlines topics to cover with example questions. You might find it helpful if you are a non-technical founder and looking for a technical co-founder or simply want to get better at interviewing.

Hackerman, from the movie “Kung Fury”

Who is a Product Engineer? A person who is capable of figuring out what customers wants and implementing it. The kind of a person who reads…

All tests are passing!

While the world is turning towards ICOs, governments struggle to come up with regulations.

This post outlines a proof of concept implementation of a ICO / securities depository base contract that could be instantiated and owned by any government in order to lay down fundamental ICO regulations in the blockchain contracts.

This base contract essentially becomes a securities depository on a blockchain, where every security is a token. We now have a solution which is capable of operating both as securities depository for ICOs and all of the previous types of securities (ownership rights, banknotes, bonds, swaps etc.).

Quick recap…

Photo from Katriin Mats, the one that got to be a post card from the time when TransferWise people decided to answer a call from little Belgium girl. She was studying about Europe and asked for a card from anybody.

What I’ve learned a lot at TransferWise is learning how to listen.

I have been building partnerships and API at TransferWise for a couple of years. Finally now the team is getting to a place that has focus. Feels a bit late. Ironically — we have had feedback about the lack of focus for a long time. I have usually discarded most of the comments. Explained them away with “feedback is too high level” or something similar. The key lesson learned here is — when people talk, listen.

So in this post I’ll go over some obstacles I’ve faced while…

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